The Shape of Stories: Unleash Your :60 Storyteller

Do you get exhausted trying to keep up with trend-driven pace of innovation? Struggling to engage with your target audience despite the latest and greatest 4K camera being pointed at your subject? Did you know the BEST stories have shapes? Yup. Throw that gimbal away and pick up your Crayons! USA Today Senior Video Producer Jarrad Henderson explores the “Shape of Stories” as conceived by Kurt Vonnegut and shows you why it’s time to get back to basics.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Map out your story on a mathematical axis. Come learn about Kurt Vonnegut’s controversial storytelling method.
  • Understand how the art of the remix informs storytelling. Since nothing is new, you can focus your energy on how you want to copy, combine and transform your storytelling.
  • Implement the A.I. method to create the best story you can possibly can