The Rise of the Dynamic Brand: Why Should You Consider Dynamic Branding

Brands have always needed a consistently identifiable and reliable mark that would convey the brand behind the product or service. Historically, these identities have been locked. While the look of the car model might change year to year, the emblem on the hood wouldn’t. In the past century, re-branding was a tool for companies that needed to be distanced from their past. This is now changing. Brands are now becoming intentionally dynamic. Logos, colors and all other types of creative are no longer reliably fixed and often intentionally temporary. There are now three types of Pepsi cans. The Miami Heat change their colors, uniforms and mascots nightly. This session will explore why this change is happening and what brand are achieving as a result.

At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand why more and more brands are going dynamic and what they are getting in return
  • Takeaway the core considerations to make when expanding your brand identity
  • Navigate the logistical challenges associated with this change
  • Measure the success of a dynamic brand