Marketing Trends that Matter in 2019—and How to Leverage Them

From the promises of automation with AI and chatbots to big data-driven real-time, behavior-based personalization, technology has given us increasingly sophisticated ways to reach and engage consumers. At the same time though it’s become more and more difficult to capture their attention. Savvy consumers are avoiding or blocking brand communications across every channel and media. The challenge today is how to build a marketing strategy flexible enough to accommodate consumers’ changing preferences and resonate with them.

After this energy packed session full of actionable insights, you’ll be able to:

  • Overcome the biggest threat to your business that may not even be on your radar
  • Understand the five most importance changes in consumer behavior today and evaluate their implications for your brand and marketing
  • Replicate the approaches of top brands to these seismic changes successfully at your organization
  • Implement an approach to marketing that ensures your brand resonates with customers’ changing needs—no matter who they are