Influencers: The Voice of Your Customers

Over the last decade, we have seen the fall of the fashion institutions, the democratization of content and the boom of realism through social media, all culminating with the rise of the influencer. One voice no longer dictates what is on trend – It is many voices – a new nation of niches. Influencers are a direct representation of the communities of consumers that are buying products, but many retailers are still thinking of influencers as a transaction. This session will deep dive into why retailers should look at influencers as the voice of your customer and how to utilize influence as a test-and-learn channel that can activate full-funnel marketing performance.

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Understand why you should spend more of your marketing dollars on influencer activations
  • Optimize full funnel performance with influencer collaborations
  • Know metrics to use for tracking influencer collaboration goals and campaign objectives