Demystifying Programmatic: 6 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Media Partners to Drive Better Performance

Transparency. It’s the most popular — and arguably most essential — movement within the programmatic ad buying landscape. But what exactly do we mean by “transparency” and how can we demand it out of our teams and partners when we don’t really know the most critical questions to ask? In this session, we’ll discuss 6 campaign details and metrics you should be asking about to make sure you get a deeper level of transparency — and better performance. This session is for experienced digital marketers who want to understand how to drive better campaign performance.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand if your media buy is truly effective – discover the reports, audience details and cross-channel performance metrics you should be asking your partners for
  • Identify where your money is going – use our ad transparency calculator (free to all session attendees) to calculate all costs involved – ad tax, agency fees and more
  • Know how your brand is being kept safe – get the questions to ask to understand where your ads are running, where they’re not, and how to make sure you’re being compliant