Starting & Scaling Competitive Marketing Campaigns for the Win

Competitive marketing – it’s a tricky, fun and easy-to-mess up topic for anyone going to market with differentiation. How do you nail it and strike the right representative competitive tone while generating more revenue with class? This session is dedicated to giving you a tactical game plan on how to start your competitive marketing efforts and scale them, all while staying true to your brand.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Produce and execute a game plan to succeed at the critical factors in rolling out external competitive marketing & intelligence
  • Confirm your competitive tone with differentiation in busy markets
  • Identify the functional areas of your marketing department to deploy competitive marketing through
  • Apply best practices from leading companies that are nailing competitive marketing in today’s most competitive markets

This session is for digital marketers, product marketers, demand gen experts and anyone answering the “how is your company different?” question.