The Web is changing. Websites are no longer placeholders for boring brochure content. Everyday people are empowered by social media to become influencers in their own right. And Google today looks nothing like the Google of the past. Your clients are savvy surfers of the interwebs. They’re not fooled by smoke and mirrors, they want substance. Digital marketers have to understand that the today’s audience is made up of finicky critics with zero attention span and very high expectations. In this session, attendees will learn how design can work with your content to increase your return on your SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing efforts, all while building an ongoing level of trust with your audience.

Attendees of this session will walk away able to:

  • Understand why design and user experience matter when it comes to increasing both conversions and brand loyalty and how to drive this conversation with their team.
  • Implement a mobile strategy with a focus on design and usability all while avoiding the perils of Mobilegeddon.
  • Advocate for control of your website content and marketing efforts using a CMS that allows for updates in all areas of your website.
  • Have a game plan to use design and images to improve the speed and usability of your website to boost rankings and conversions.